• What is Sound Consort?

    SoundConsort is a self-promotion hub for sound and music professionals. We're here to help expand your online presence and get you more business.

  • Who can make a profile on SoundConsort?

    Anyone who works in sound or music production. We list recording studios, music producers, audio post production specialists, mixing and mastering engineers, location sound recorders, score composers, sound designers, event sound engineers, event DJs, video producers, and video editors.

  • Does it cost anything to be listed on SoundConsort?

    No. Any sound pro can create a free profile and become part of the network. In the future, you can choose to upgrade to a more prominent featured profile for a monthly fee, but this is only an option. Upgrade, downgrade, or cancel at anytime.

  • What if I’m a freelancer or home studio owner?

    Then you're in the right place. A profile on SoundConsort is a good way to showcase what you do, especially if you don't have a website.

  • If I have a website, why would I want a SoundConsort profile?

    You'll be able to list your website on your profile. So if someone finds you here, you may have a new, qualified lead to your official site.

  • How will potential clients find me on SoundConsort?

    They can find you by doing a simple search of our network or by clicking a link to your profile from another site. When you register with SoundConsort, we send you a marketing tip sheet so you can make the most of your profile. Getting your profile recommended is one way to stand out in search results and improve your rankings. We'll also do our part in scouting out new work opportunities for you.

  • Does it cost anything to hire someone from SoundConsort?

    No. Financial transactions remain purely between the sound pro and client. It's completely free to browse and message someone on our network. After that, everyone is on their own.

  • Does SoundConsort make any guarantees?

    All sound pros are welcome to make a profile and use it to their benefit. We simply provide a place for clients to easily find, recommend, and refer your sound production services.