Sound Production Services

Sound Design

A sound designer creates audio content to enhance the mood of a production, whether for film, video games, radio, or even theatre. They add life to the sound atmospheres of productions by manipulating and specifying various sound elements to bring about specific feelings in the finished soundtrack. This makes them a key piece in the audio post process.

Audio Post Production

Audio post encompasses all the stages of audio production from the time it's been recorded to the final master being completed. In filmmaking, it involves arranging, editing, and mixing dialogue recorded on set with sound effects and background music. Voice over recording (ADR) is often done during this period. Similar to recording studios, a post audio specialist can be someone working from his own home or a full-service audio house that provides for big budget productions.

Recording Studio

A recording studio is a place where sound is recorded and mixed. Musicians aren't the only ones who use recording studios. Some are exclusively used to record voice-overs for films, TV, and video games. Recording studios often have in-house engineers or producers, and can be anything from a simple home recording studio to an elaborate, multipurpose recording house.

Mixing and Mastering

Mixing and mastering a song is what makes it pleasing to hear. After a vocal track is recorded over an instrumental, it will typically sound like a rough version which requires more tuning. A sound mixer will start off by adjusting the volume of each sound and adding effects, so the mix becomes well-balanced and unique to the producer's idea. A mastering engineer then takes over to hear the results and make any final touches before transferring it to a platform for official release. They will make sure your mix sounds clean and consistent from song to song. Sometimes, the mixing and mastering engineer are one person who can do both jobs, however, it's usually a good idea having a fresh set of ears to finalize the mix.

Music Scoring

When making an original production, it's nice to have an original soundtrack accompanying it. This is a good choice for two reasons. One, you can call your work completely unique. Two, you can avoid copyright issues in case your creation blows up in popularity. A score composer will write and record an original piece of music for you that compliments the mood you want to convey with your work. They are leagues better than using royalty-free stock music, and you can work with them from virtually anywhere in the world.

Music Producer

Music producers are an integral part to the recording process and work closely with artists. They oversee and shape the sound of a music project, and usually guide the creative process from beginning to end with a particular vision in mind. This isn't to be confused with an executive producer, who oversees the finances of a project.

Location Sound Recording

One of the most important yet undervalued crew members on a film set is the location sound recorder (also known as the boom operator or production sound mixer). They are responsible for recording clean, quality dialogue during a scene involving actors. Some are also equipped to record sounds in different conditions, like interviews requiring wireless mics, outdoor field recordings, or documentaries. As always, know what you need and ensure the recordist can fulfill that. It's always better to have good production sound rather than trying to fix poor sound in the mix.

Game Audio

Responsible for creating the audio interface and atmosphere of a video game. Sound design plays a big part in game audio, especially when 3D audio effects are applied. There is usually an element of voice over recording involved in video game production too.

Event Sound Production

Companies in the event sound industry set up sound systems for weddings, ceremonies, shows, theatre productions, and other types of events, both large and small. These sound systems can be set up on an individual basis too. Many event sound companies also rent out audio equipment and offer DJ services. As always, go for professional businesses, that keep their equipment maintained and delivery quality services.

Event DJ

If you're hosting a special event or private party, you may want a DJ to engage your guests. As well as having the technical knowledge, event DJs should be able to entertain your crowd successfully by reading them correctly and knowing how to keep the party flowing well. A professional event DJ brings more than just music, they help create memorable occasions.

Sound Equipment Rental

Some providers rent out and sell audio equipment to other companies and individuals.